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I don't know what it is about "Vintage" that excites me so much.
Could it be the various rustique colours? the blending & difusing of the different shades?
or is it simply all these amazing techniques specialised craftsmen use to have that don't exist anymore for us to find - what a shame!  Although I DO use technology a lot and it is rather handy, I will have to admit that I miss the days when people use to enjoy making something & talking about it with friends & family, instead of only caring about what new phone/laptop to buy. I remember when I was a child back then, how excited I was when I was offered a Minnie Mouse embroidery pattern to embroider myself. Was so proud when I finished it too ...
Anyway, as you probably guessed right, today was Vintage making & I made quite a few mini & medium calendars for the New Year.  I am attaching a few photos of them & would love to hear your comments on them.
Hope you have a lovely evening,
Speak soon ;)





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