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Hello dear friends, it's been a while since I last wrote on my blog, I hope you are all very well & that the New Year will bring 2013 amazing moments in our lives!
After all the excitement & preparations of a full Christmas scrapping & paper works period now comes a time of "Restart" - a time to reorganize & reconstruct my thoughts & inspirations as well as the tidying up of all my tools and supplies.

During this quiet period of time I decided to Refresh some frames I had at home. These frames had two identical minimal shapes as pictures which I had grown bored of through the years. I wanted our frames at home to project more personal moments, pictures of trips filled with beautiful memories, so I got into a bit more scrappin' and this is what I came up with ...


The finished result was more impressive than expected, these frames have now added an interesting touch to the room, and I can't help noticing them every time I walk in.  A few creative hours actually resulted in a successful project, a little something which has added lots of smiles in our daily routine. It's real! it's the little things that matter.
Till we speak again have a lovely day